Bodegas Altona.

Let us present our winery.


The history of the winery

Recent history of Bodegas Altona picks up in 2002. Our name arises from the fusion of the words "alto" (in Spanish) and "ona" ("good" in the Basque language, Euskera). The name was chosen to represent,

  1. on the one hand, the region where our winery is found (Rioja Alta) and,
  2. on the other, the quality of these lands and the wines produced in them.

In spite of our youth, we have set ourselves a true challange
: being among the leading wineries in the competitive and highly-demanding Qualified Designation of Origin Rioja To succeed at this, we have three main pillars as our base:

  1. Our professionalism, both in our way of working and in our interpretation of wine-producing potential.
  2. Our own personality that is stamped on each of our wines, combining innovation and tradition.
  3. Our sales network, both national as well as international, that allows us to bring our wines to the end consumer in the best conditions.

We put all our passion into the cultivation of wine, pampering the vines where our wines flourish. But in doing so, we always remember one thing: to offer a high quality wine, not only excellent land is essential, a meticulously-developed elaboration process is as well.

Our way of working unites the painstaking care of hand-crafted elaboration with cutting-edge technologies. We have a capacity for over 50,000 litres in stainless-steel tanks, where the wine reposes in the best conditions.


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bodegas altona, S.L.

c/ Sobrevilla, 21

26311 Cordovín (La Rioja)

Tel./fax +34 941 367 369




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