La Rioja is wine.

La Rioja is pride.

La Rioja is life!

Welcome to La Rioja!

Come and discover it.

La Rioja is wine. Since its international conquest, wine from La Rioja is synonymous with high quality wine, not only in Spain, but world wide. But La Rioja is much more than just wine:

La Rioja is an attractive region, rich in history, located in northeastern Spain. It is filled with traditions and culture, represented by important monuments and by centuries-old towns.

Nestled in the Occidental peak of the Ebro Valley, it boasts a great variety of scenery, flora and fauna.

Protected from cold winds by the Cantabria mountain range, its climate is mild and its elevated rainfall makes it the perfect region for grape growing.

It's well worth a visit!

La Rioja has always been linked to wine-making culture and tradition. In this locality, viticulture and wine-making are much more than a symbol or a cliché. They are a way of understanding life; they are the soul and tradition of an entire people. However, our eyes are not blind to new tendencies:

The wines from La Rioja have become an international symbol. Internationally-acclaimed architects design the settings for wineries rich in tradition, and young grape growers with fresh impulses place the cornerstones of a new generation of winemakers who successfully integrate tradition with innovation.

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c/ Sobrevilla, 21

26311 Cordovín (La Rioja)

Tel./fax +34 941 367 369




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