Not all wines from Rioja are the same.

Learn about the different categories of Rioja wine.


Depending upon the ageing process followed, the following categories of Rioja wine are available:


These are wines in their first or second years, which preserve their primary characteristics: freshness and fruitiness.


Wines at least three years old that have been aged for a year in cask at a minimum and for several months in bottle. White wines are aged for at least six months.


Wines selected from the best vintages that, because of their fine qualities, have been aged for 3 years, with at least one of these in cask. For white wines, the ageing period is 2 years, with at least 6 months in cask.


Wines selected from exceptional vintages, which have remained at least 2 years in cask and 3 in bottle. For white wines, the ageing period is 4 years, with at least 6 months in cask.


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produced from choice grapes of the Tempranillo variety ...

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